21 Duel Blackjack

21 Duel Blackjack Card Game

21 Duel Blackjack is a card game, played with 6 decks. The object of the game is to have a point total higher than the dealer, but no higher than 21. Card values are similar to Blackjack: number cards count at face value, picture cards are worth 10 points, and the Ace is worth 1 point or 11 points. However, unlike Blackjack, all hands with a total of 21 are equal (Ace and Ten is the same as a three-card 21). After each round, the used cards are returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled.

To play the game:

  • Click on chips to select a value and click on the area marked ANTE to place a chip of that value. Every left-click increases your bet amount, every right-click decreases it.
    • Please note that this game requires you to place an additional bet equal to your Ante bet during the game to continue playing, your balance should have enough money to cover that bet. If your balance is not high enough, you will get a warning.
  • You can also place a side bet by clicking on the area marked 2 UP. This bet is not mandatory. See below for an explanation.
  • The minimum and maximum table bet limits are dependent on your VIP level and are shown on the table. There is also a separate limit on the 2 Up Sidebet that is equal to one fifth of the table bet maximum.
  • Click the Deal button. You will be dealt two cards, one face up and one face down. The dealer will be dealt two cards face down. Two more cards will be dealt face up in the middle of the table. These are the communal cards – they are used in both your hand and the dealer’s hand.
  • You now have the following options:
    • Fold – end the round and lose your ante bet. If you placed a 2 Up sidebet and won, you will still get your winnings.
    • Left card/Right card – select one of the two communal cards to use with your face-up card. Click on the corresponding button, or on one of the communal cards themselves. Please note that this will place an additional bet equal to your Ante bet beside the communal card you chose.
  • The point total of your face-up card and the chosen communal card is shown. You now have the following options:
    • Hit – open your face-down card and add it to the hand. If your point total goes over 21, you lose the round instantly.
    • Stand – discard your face-down card and keep playing with only two cards. This option is also chosen automatically if the two cards make up a total of 21 points.
  • The dealer reveals one card and chooses a communal card. The dealer’s communal card is chosen according to a strict set of rules, explained below.
    • If the dealer’s point total is higher than 12 and higher than yours, you lose both the Ante and the additional bet.
    • If your point total is higher than the dealer’s, you win 1:1 on both the Ante and the additional bet.
    • If the dealer’s point total is lower than 13 he does not qualify. You win 1:1 on your Ante bet and push on the additional bet, even if your point total is lower than the dealer’s.
    • If the point totals are equal, it’s a push and your bets are returned to you.
  • If you want to play another round, press New Game. Then place a bet as described above and click the Deal button, or click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Dealer’s Rules:

  • After the player has made his choice, the dealer reveals first of his face-down cards, and chooses a communal card. When choosing the communal card, the dealer must create the best possible hand according to the House Way. This means that the dealer must choose the first hand available from the list of possible hands found in the table below, starting from the top. For example, if the communal cards are 2 and 10 and the dealer’s card is an 8, then the dealer will choose the 2 from communal cards as the hand 8-2 is higher in the list than 8-10.
2-Card Score Hand Composition
21 Ace and any 10
20 A-9 and 10-10
19 A-8 and 10-9
11 9-2, 8-3, 7-4, 6-5
10 8-2, 7-3, 6-4, 5-5
9 7-2, 6-3, 5-4
18 9-9, 10-8, A-7
17 9-8, 10-7, A-6
Soft 16 A-5
Soft 15 A-4
Soft 14 A-3
Soft 13 A-2
Soft 12 A-A
8 2-6, 3-5, 4-4
7 2-5, 3-4
6 2-4, 3-3
5 2-3
12 9-3, 8-4, 7-5, 6-6, 10-2
13 9-4, 8-5, 7-6, 10-3
14 9-5, 8-6, 7-7, 10-4
15 9-6, 8-7, 10-5
16 9-7, 8-8, 10-6
4 2-2
  • The dealer must always hit on 16 or lower, and stand on 17. If the dealer hits, his second face-down card is revealed. Its point value is added to the hand total.
  • If the dealer’s hand is worth less than 13 points, the dealer doesn’t qualify and you win the round, even if your point total is lower than the dealer’s. In this case, you win even money on your Ante bet, and push on the 2nd bet.

2 Up Bet:

This is a side bet on the first three cards to be shown on the table (your face-up card and the two communal cards). If these cards contain a pair (two identical cards of any suit, for example a King of Diamonds and a King of Clubs), you win 3:1 on your bet. If the three cards make up 3 of a Kind (three identical cards of any suit), you win 20:1 on your bet.


In multihand mode, it is possible to place bets on a number of hand positions situated in a semicircle on the table. You can play one hand only if you wish, or any number of hands up to three by placing a bet on the hands. Every hand may have a different bet amount. Cards are dealt one by one to each hand in turns, starting from the rightmost hand and moving clockwise with the communal cards being the last to be dealt. Once the cards have been dealt, then actions for each hand are taken in turns as well, starting from the rightmost hand.


Deal Deal the cards.
Fold End the round and lose your Ante bet.
Left Card Place an additional bet and use the left communal card for your hand.
Right Card Place an additional bet and use the right communal card for your hand.
Hit Open your face-down card and add it to your hand.
Stand Play against the dealer with only your face-up card and chosen communal card.
New Game Start a new game round.
Rebet Place the same bet as in the previous round and deal the cards.

The lower edge of the game window holds the casino toolbar. It contains the following:

  • Current balance

Your account balance. This is the money you can use to play the casino games.

  • Cashier

Clicking this button opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits and withdrawals, see your transaction history, etc.

  • Play for Real Money

This button appears only in Fun or Offline Mode. Clicking it will take you to the Real Money account creation page. If you already have a Real Money account, it will take you to the Play for Real Money login screen.

  • Menu

Some popular functions are united under the Menu.

Clicking History (unavailable in Offline mode) will open the game history window, where you can see the details of recent game rounds.

Options allows you to change audio quality and various gameplay settings, and Help opens the help article that you are reading right now.

Online Support lets you contact a customer support specialist, if one is online.

  • Close

This button is available only in the download version of the game.

Clicking this button closes the game window and takes you back to the Lobby.

Shortcut keys

If you wish, you can press the following keys on your keyboard instead of clicking the buttons on the screen.

Press this key To do this
TAB Highlight the next button on the screen.
ENTER Click the button that is currently highlighted.
SPACEBAR Start a new game round, press again to rebet as well.
Number keys Raise your bet. Different number keys raise your bet by a different chip value. The number of functioning keys depends on the chips allowed for the current player and can be subject to change.
ESC Exit the game and go back to the lobby.

Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.


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