Blackjack Classic


The easy to play Blackjack Classic features five bet-boxes that are appreciated by many players. The game comes in three bet levels: low, normal and high limit.

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Game Theme & Graphics

The display comprises three main elements—video display area, keypad area, and game panel.

  •   Table display area. The main game is displayed in this upper area. The game features a paytable that pops up when the player moves the pointer over the black MIN-MAX sign on the table.
  •   Keypad area. The keypad area shows the main game buttons used to place the player’s bets and deal cards.
  •   Game panel. The game panel at the bottom displays the fast buttons, account information and chip selection areas. Buttons for the game settings menu, audio and game rules are located to the left of the game panel. The account information section displays the available cash, bet, and win. The right side of the game panel holds the chips available for betting.

How to Play Blackjack Classic

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