MINI BLACKJACK Net Entertainment

MINI BLACKJACK Net Entertainment

Mini Black Jack is an exciting new single hand blackjack game featuring small screen footprint. It joins Net Entertainment’s portfolio of mini games intended to be placed outside of the casino section of a site, in order to give licensees the possibility to target other player groups in other areas of a website.

Although the game is played in a smaller window, none of the playability of a traditional online blackjack game is lost. The game comes in three versions (High Roller, Regular, and Low Roller).

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Game Theme & Graphics

Mini Black Jack is a scaled down version of a regular Black Jack game, giving licensees the possibility to target non-traditional casino players in other areas of a website. The game can be played on a page or opened in a separate window.

Chip selection: A chip display to the right hand side of the game, visible during the betting stage of the game, replaces the traditional chip selector at the bottom right of Net Entertainments table games. At all times, the currently selected chip displays to the right of the game panel.

Action buttons: Animated text buttons that overlay the surface of the black jack table, replace the buttons around the middle of the table edge in the regular sized version of the game. On mouse over, the texts expand to emphasise the action the button performs.

Game panel: A smaller than usual game panel has scrolling texts for account information (Bet, Win, Cash) and player mode (Play for Fun or Play for Real). Buttons for fast play, sound effects, and game rules are located on the left hand side of the game panel.

Main Game

Mini Black Jack is played with 4 standard decks of 52 cards, the cards are re- shuffled after each round. The following rules apply:

  •   Dealer must stand on 17 (including soft 17) and must draw to over 16.
  •   Double on any two cards
  •   Split up to 2 hands
  •   No surrender

Play of Hand and Showdown

Mini Black Jack has been designed so play is simple and intuitive; even for the most inexperienced player.

Placing bets : To place a bet, a player selects a chip value at the right of the game and clicks CLICK TO PLACE BET. Alternatively, players can just click a chip to place a bet of the selected denomination.

Play of hand: Once a player is satisfied with their bet, they click DEAL, and then two cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer. Different action buttons appear depending on the stage in the game. Players can:

  •   SPLIT to separate the two first cards of the same value into two hands.
  •   DOUBLE to automatically double the initial bet.
  •   HIT to receive an additional card.
  •   STAND to receive no extra cards.
  •   Accept or decline even money, if they have black jack and the dealer’s visible card is an ace.
  •   Accept or decline insurance, if the dealer’s face up card is an ace.Hand comparison: Once a player stands, the dealer reveals the hole card and draws (if applicable). The result is presented and winning hands are paid out according to the black jack paytable.

    Hand information: Information about the state of each hand in the game is displayed on the table, thereby enabling beginners to quickly enter the exciting world of black jack.


    The standard black jack payouts are displayed on mouse over of the Min/Max sign. The payout sign hides when players move the mouse away from the sign.

Rules of Mini Blackjack

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