With multiplayer casino games set to be the next big thing, Net Entertainment is proud to launch the first CasinoModule multiplayer blackjack game. This version of multiplayer blackjack is a traditional version of blackjack played against the house, where players sit at a table along with other players the same way they would at a land based casino.

Multi Player Blackjack

Game Theme & Graphics

  •   Players access the Multiplayer Blackjack Lobby by clicking on the game link from a casino lobby.
  •   Branding possibilities allow you to provide a seamless experience for your players across your network of Net Entertainment powered casinos.
  •   The lobby displays important information about the available blackjack tables and the current game action for a selected table.
  •   Multiple tables are available with a mix of low, regular, and high roller tables, in play for fun and play for real mode.
  •   Joining a table is as simple as selecting the blackjack table list and clicking Go to table or double clicking on the table row.
  1. Main Game
    •   Each table displays the current status of the table, and is where players either sit at an empty seat to play, or watch the live action as a spectator.
    •   Players must take a seat to play at a table. Once seated they can play on any number of empty boxes at the table.
    •   Players who join a table in the middle of a hand must wait until the current hand is over before betting on the next hand.
    •   Boxes a player is playing are reserved for them in the following game round.
    •   Players can pass 5 rounds and remain seated at the table for the following game round. Any other boxes a player has been playing on become available for other players.
    •   Players can change position on the table by leaving the table and clicking on the desired box between rounds.

Timed Play Limits

  •   Each multiplayer blackjack hand is time-based. Players must place their initial bet, or take their turn within the available time.
  •   The time based play achieves a steady game pace and encourages players to continue playing; thereby ensuring continued casino revenues from the game.
  •   A timer, to the left of the chip box, indicates the available time left.
  •   Play continues regardless of any turns a player may have missed. The effect of the timer running out depends on the number of players at the table and a player’s current action.
  •   Players are removed from the table if they have not bet, and are the single occupant at the table. However, if there are other players at the table, the player’s box is reserved for 5 hands before the game automatically removes the player from the table.
  •   Players’ hands stand if they fail to click action buttons (double, stand, hit, split etc.) before the timer runs out.


  •   The chat creates a fun and exciting atmosphere where players can discuss the table action, share jokes, or offer advice to one another. This type of chat increases presence awareness and a sense of belonging to a community of online blackjack players.
  •   Players can chat with others at the table by typing a message at the bottom of the chat window and pressing Enter (or the chat button).
  •   Players who prefer not to chat can close the chat window by turning off the Enable Chat game setting. The chat window can be reopened at any time by enabling chat.
  •   Spectators at a table are not able send messages.
  •   The chat window also displays the table log messages.

    Table Log and Hand History

  •   Multiplayer Blackjack features a detailed table log and table hand history.
  •   The table log is displayed in the chat window, and shows a record of activity at a table during a hand. The log includes information such as when players sit down or exit the table, sit in or sit out a round, as well as bets made, player actions and hand details, and the result of the showdown.
  •   The Hand history is an archive of all hands played at the table. It displays the same information as the table log.
  •   Players (or spectators) can click the Previous Hand hyperlink, at the top right corner of the table, to view a table’s Hand History. Players select a round in the left panel, and the details display in the right pane.
  •   Using the Hand History players can analyze their and other players play; hopefully leading to an overall improvement in game play.


  •   Multiplayer Blackjack provides experienced players with the opportunity for multitabling.
  •   Players can join and play simultaneously, on one or more boxes, at multiple tables.
  •   By resizing the table windows players can tile all the tables rather than cascading them.

Play of Hand

  •   Players take a seat and place a bet on their box(es), and click Deal.
  •   When all players have clicked Deal or the timer expires, two cards are dealt to each box bet on.
  •   The hands are played out, from right to left, following the blackjack rules. If the timer expires before a hand is completed, the hand automatically stands.
  •   Once all hands stand, the dealer reveals the hole card and draws. The results are then presented.
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