Monopoly Brits Bingo

Monopoly is a classic board game which has many incarnations with various cities and towns mapped onto the board and it has also had a few land based incarnations in fruit machines and slot machines, but this is one of the first online slot versions of the game.

The look and feel of the Monopoly board is wonderfully create here and you can even choose which playing piece you will be, whether it’s the boot or the Iron or one of the other classic pieces.

The game is a 9 pay line video slot machine and has a couple of interesting features which make it even more interesting. The first is the Instant Bonus feature triggered with 3 or more Instant Bonus symbols. Here you just choose one of the 3 boxes and reveal a prize.

Here you can try the DEMO of the game for free:


The other feature is the BONUS game which is triggered with 3 or more BONUS symbols on an active pay line. Here you’ll choose one of the symbols to reveal how many dice rolls you get on the mini monopoly board. You get to the mini monopoly board and start to roll the dice to reveal the prizes based on the moves on the board. There are also other features on the special positions of the board, for example, land on the FREE PARKING spot and get a random bonus, land on GO TO JAIL and launch the GET OUT OF JAIL bonus.

I liked this game, it faithfully creates the atmosphere of the classic property tycoon board game.

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