Dress Up Diva game review


  • Dress Up Diva
    • Product Overview: Dress Up Diva is the first game of its’ kind: combining the classic one line slot with the childhood classic dress up theme, the player spins the slot to dress up the model with different garments. If the three garments make up a full suit, a prize is granted. At any time the player can go into the paytable and click on the different sets of clothes to see them on the model.



    • Target Audience: The game is targeted specifically for women. Combining the slot game with a light, colorful and fun theme of dressing up a model with different suits, this game should appeal to the younger and older female players who played this game at a younger age and enjoy games of luck and chance as adults.
    • Game Description: At last the game ‘dress up’ which we loved playing as children has arrived to the online world. In this fun one line slot game, the idea is to find the matching outfit to win a prize, according to the paytable. Up to £200,000 can be won in this game.

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