Legend Of Terra game review

Legend of Terra 

Play to get any combination of winning symbols to win!

  • Choose the Number of Lines You Wish to Bet On: you can choose to play on any number of lines between 1 to 20. In order to add or subtract the amount of lines, simply click on the + or – choice attached to the button labelled “LINES”. Alternatively, you may click on the number itself in order to select the specific number of lines.
  • Placing Your Bets: choose the amount you wish to bet on each line by clicking on the + or – choice attached to the button labelled “BET”.
  • Spin the reels: clicking on the SPIN button or the MAX LINES button will start the round and spin the reels.
  • Max Lines: If you choose to bet on all 20 lines, you can click on the “MAX LINES ” button, which will automatically spin the reels.
  • Understanding Betting Amounts: The total bet amount in the game will be the number of selected lines (‘LINES’) multiplied by the bet amount per line (‘BET’). The total bet amount is displayed in the ‘TOTAL BET’ box.
  • Winning:
    • A winning combination is at least 3 identical symbols from leftmost to right.
    • All winnings are payed according to the pay table.
    • When the reels show a winning combination along one of the lines that you have placed a bet on, the winning lines are highlighted and the winning amount for each line will appear by the line number.
    • All winnings are added up to your balance and you can see it in the ‘TOTAL WINS’ box.
    • Please note: You only win if a combination occurs on an active payline. The Scatter symbol is an exception to that rule.

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  • Understanding Your Winnings: Your winnings are calculated according to the Paytable. You can access the pay table by clicking on the button labelled “PAY TABLE”.
  • Bonus Games
    • Click on any symbol to reveal hidden multipliers.
    • The bonus game ends when you select a symbol with a stop sign.
    • Your single pay line bet will be multiplied by the sum of the multipliers you revealed during the bonus game.
    • Your winnings in the bonus game will be added to your balance.For example:
      If you revealed x10 and x15 with a stop sign, your bet pay line will be multiplied by total of 25.


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