Roulette Royal game review

  • Roulette Royal

    Product Overview: The Roulette Royal game is based on our successful ‘Roulette Lounge’ game launched several months ago,  with higher betting limits that the player can choose from. There are 3 different tables in this game:

    • Standard:       ₤0.5 – ₤300
    • High Rollers:  ₤1 – ₤400
    • VIP:               ₤5 – ₤500

 Target Audience: The players that already enjoy our ‘Roulette Lounge’ can take it to the next level with a choice of 3 exclusive tables offering a heightened experience of the classic roulette game. Since our VIPs tend to play on higher limits we will launch this game at the first month only to club members.

 Game Description: Enjoyed ‘Roulette Lounge’? step up to the next level with a new game offering a selection of 3 exclusive tables offering higher betting options. Select your table, place your bets on the table, spin the wheel and feel the excitement of ‘Roulette Royal’.

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