Royal Wedding game review

  • Royal Wedding

Product Overview: Royal Wedding is a multi scratch game with 3 scratchable areas with the aim to find 3 identical symbols. The game has been released in honor of the wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton in the UK. The game spirit is symbolized by a royal background and romantic wedding icons.

Target Audience: The main motivation was to develop a game for the UK audience which is expecting a big national event in this month and we believe that other monarchic nations will relate to it as well. We have also observed a tendency of our players to like games of ‘royal’ nature (e.g. Royal Slots, Grand Crown). Most likely, this game will show great success among the female and romantic audience.

 Game Description: You have been formally invited to play the brand new multi scratch game, in celebration of the Royal Wedding. Select to play up to 3 lines in a single game and to win a cash prize. To win, simply find 3 matching symbols per line and you can win the £ 200,000 jackpot waiting for you.


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