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King Neptunes Casino is powered by the excellent Microgaming Viper software. Microgaming is one of the leading casino software developer and this casino is very nicely done with a great theme. The software is available in a non-download flash version and a download version, the Casino Review is on the download version of King Neptune Casino software.

New players are welcomed with a very generous 100% bonus on your first deposit. You can save up to $ 200 free – so if you deposit $ 50, you can claim a nice $ 50 bonus and play with 100 €. Not bad at all

I downloaded the King Neptunes Casino software – it was 7.96 MB download. Then I opened a real play account and made a deposit $ 100. If you try the software you want for free, you can create a free guest account.

After I returned my first deposit to the casino site and filled to form the bonus. My bonus of $ 100 was immediately added to my casino account – then I went back to the casino ready to play at King Neptunes Casino with my $ 200.

King Neptunes Casino offers you the choice of 106 different casino games and new games are added all the time – so there is definitely something for everyone. I just wanted some of the many slot machines they had on the menu to try. In fact they have so many slots that they have a whole menu made just for the slot machines.

I started trying the Crazy Chameleons Slots – this is a slot machine with 5 paylines and 5 reels. The coin size of $ 0.25 and up to $ 5. If you bet on all five paylines you bet $ 1.25 to $ 25 per spin. Not win or lose a lot, I moved to another machine to try.

Lucky Charmer is a fun slot machine with a bonus feature that I had great success. This slot has 3 reels and one pay line – the jackpot is 5000 coins and coin value set at $ 1. But you need $ 3 wager per spin to be able to activate the bonus. The King Cobra symbol on the third Payline activates the bonus round.

Lucky Charmer Slot has always been a favorite of mine – only on the screenshots I’ve taken to search. On my third I have $ 150 spin. Five turns later, I’ve done it, a King Cobra on the third Start line, and the bonus round. In the bonus round you have to pick one of three flutes. The man plays the flute of your choice and things will start popping up baskets – you will be asked to pay whatever comes out of the baskets – for example, Elvis paid $ 30 an alien pays $ 60, and an arm of an octopus will pay only $ 6. How can I see you have $ 95 in a single bonus round. Later I managed to win yet another bonus round – where I found that a small balloon paid just $ 3 – but I was winning big in this fun game machine.


After winning on that Lucky Charmer Slot, I wanted to try out, slot another feature and I opted for the feature slot Sizzling Scorpions. The bonus round in this game is activated when the buzzard symbol lands on the payline. Sizzling Scorpion Slots has only one winning line – 3 reel set the coin value is $ 0.50.

Only if you bet 3 coins per game, you can activate the bonus round, so this game takes $ 1.50 per spin. When the bonus round, you have opened a highlight three scorpions for a scorpion race. I actually managed the bonus game is played five times and beyond the scorpions I 4 ₩ picked out of five races – paid for each winning $ 50, so my bankroll went up to $ 450 – but it would be even better with the next slot game I tried.

Vinyl Countdown is a 9 payline slot with 5 reels and max. 9 coins per spin. The coin is $ 0.25 to $ 2 – you are betting $ 2.25 to $ 18 per spin. I started betting $ 2.25 per spin, and soon I got my fist winning combination which paid $ 22.75. Then I got 3 Scatter symbols twice in a row each pay $ 22.75. Then I played a few more twists and got 4 Scatter symbols – this combination paid $ 112.50 and my bankroll went up to 588 $. I played this slot for some time and kept winning, and then I suddenly had a combination which paid $ 151.50, so that by the bankroll went sky high to pay an astounding $ 715 to $ 100.

Thunderstruck is one of my new favorite slots, it can at King Neptunes Casino and many other Microgaming casinos are played. There is a 9 payline slot with coin sizes from EUR 0.01 and up to $ 1. Bet on all 9 paylines, adds up to a minimum bet of $ 0.45 per spin and up to $ 45 per spin for the serious high rollers.

I have a few good spins on the Thunderstruck slot machine, but nothing big – 3 scattered ram win 15 free spins are tripled when you pay standard payout for all winning combinations during the 15 free spins. Thunderstruck is a great and very fun slot machines in my opinion.

I have also tried the Cash Splash progressive slot – this is a single payline slot with a large progressive jackpot. It is $ 3 per spin if you get a chance, want to win the jackpot. Microgaming Viper Software offers AutoPlay, so I tried it and made the software all clicking for me – I had preset the auto play options to stop at huge profits, or if I lost money too fast. I have some good gains on this progressive slot – but most of them lost again trying to crack the jackpot

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