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Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?
You might be playing online for a while, or might be planning to start playing. One of the questions you might be having in mind would be whether it is legal for you to play online in the Canadian jurisdiction. From my wide research, I came across sources citing that it is illegal while others indicated that it’s legal. But the fact is; virtual gambling is only legal to gamble when you are in the allowed areas in Canada by the Canadian Government.
Online gambling in Canada has become legal after the Canadian Government allowed the provinces to ban or allow online gambling. This issue has always been debated but for a long period of time, Canadians have enjoyed virtual gaming without any barriers from the government.
If you have been playing online in Canada or planning to play, you have no need to worry about the legality of the action. Gambling online in Canada will not land you into any legal problems. The only problem you should have is whether you are playing in a legalized casino. We have a solution for you as we have online casino sites – where you get legal and safe Canadian online gaming rooms to play in.
Some of the Regulators and Gaming Authorities in Canada
These regulators and gaming authorities are very important in the online gambling arena. They set rules and the license can be ceased from respective casinos in case they don’t comply with the set regulations. This will impair them from offering the gaming services.
Currently, the Canadian provinces are the ones who regulate their own virtual gambling sites. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission operates in Canada. The company runs servers and regulates Casino sites in Canada; it is also one of the most used regulators for casino sites around the world.
Important Facts Surrounding Online Gambling in Canada
No person has ever faced charges with the crime of playing online in Canada. Something of the sort was experience when the Attorney General said that the servers hosting virtual casinos and poker rooms from Indian reserves as illegal. This was not followed by any charges and these servers continue to operate within Canada.
When it comes to the taxes, the laws are similar to those in United Kingdom and Ireland where they dictate that gambling winnings are not taxes, not unless they are gained from business transactions. For those practicing professional poker playing, their winnings should be taxed but if you’re gaming for fun, then your winnings should not be taxed.

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