Bars and Stripes

About Bars and Stripes

Bars and Stripes is a five reel, twenty-five payline, and two hundred and fifty coin slot machine, with:

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Wild, Multiplier Symbol

The Bars and Stripes symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This symbol:

  • Doubles the payout of any combination it completes as a wild symbol.
  • Creates its own winning combination when multiple symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline. These payouts are not multiplied.
  • Does not substitute for the scatter symbol.
  • Does not substitute for the Hat symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Football symbol is a scatter symbol. This symbol:

  • Completes a winning scatter combination when three or more appear on the reels.
  • Cannot be substituted by the wild, multiplier symbol.

Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of regular coins bet.

Hat Bonus Game

Three or more Hat symbols scattered on the reels, activate the Hat bonus game.

In this game:

  • You can win up to 47 500 coins in the bonus game.
  • You choose objects to reveal random bonus win amounts.
  • The Hat symbols change, and all other symbols on the reels are disabled. Behind each Hat is a random bonus win amount.
  • The number of symbols that activate the bonus game indicates the number of objects you can choose.
  • The win amounts displayed in the bonus game are already multiplied by your total bet amount. Only the bonus win amount is displayed.
  • You win the total of all the bonus win amounts revealed.
  • There is no payout for any Hat symbol combination.
  1. Click a Hat. A random bonus amount is revealed.
  2. Your total bonus win amount is counted in the bonus Win box. You are automatically returned to the regular slot game.

Playing the Game

The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on the payline. The payout is dependent on the winning combination formed.

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