Slots Review: Cashville 

Cashville is a five reel, twenty payline, and two hundred coin slot machine, with:

A wild symbol.
A scatter symbol.
A Cashville bonus game.
A Gamble feature.

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Wild  Symbol

The Wild symbol is a wild symbol. This symbol:

Does not substitute for the scatter symbol.
Does not substitute for the Bonus Coin symbol.
Does not substitute for the Bill Bullion symbol.
Does not substitute for the Dame Von Deeds symbol.
Does not substitute for the Sir Sterling symbol.
Does not substitute for the Bette Boodle symbol.
Creates its own winning combination when multiple symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline.

 Scatter   Symbol

The Scatter symbol is a scatter symbol. This symbol:

Completes a winning scatter combination when three or more appear on the reels.
Cannot be substituted by the wild symbol.

Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of regular coins bet.

Cashville Bonus Game

Three or more Bonus Coin symbols scattered on the reels, activate the Cashville bonus game.

In this game:

You can win up to 45 000 coins in the bonus game.
You can only play one of the four bonus games.
You choose objects to reveal random bonus win amounts.
The number of symbols that activate the bonus game indicates the number of objects you can choose.
The win amounts displayed in the bonus game are already multiplied by your total bet amount. Only the bonus win amount is displayed.
You win the total of all the bonus win amounts revealed.
There is no payout for any Bonus Coin symbol combination.

To play the Cashville bonus game you choose one of the four billionaires. The four billionaires are:

Bette Boodle Bonus Game – Five dog paintings are displayed. Behind each painting is a random bonus win amount.

Bill Bullion Bonus Game- The Bill Bullion bonus game displays six oil rigs. Behind each rig is a bonus win amount.

Dame Von Deeds Bonus Game- The Dame Von Deeds bonus game displays eight deeds. Behind each deed is a bonus win amount.

Sir Sterling Bonus Game- The Sir Sterling bonus game displays nine vaults. Behind each vault is a bonus win amount.

Gamble Feature

Any win activates the Gamble feature. You can choose to play the feature or you can skip it and continue to play the regular game. However, the feature is not available if your win exceeds the gamble activation limit.

In this feature:

A correct guess for the card colour doubles your win.
A correct guess for the card suit quadruples your win.
You can play your winnings until the gamble limit is reached.
The gamble limit is set at an amount limit or five gambles per game.
Winnings are automatically collected during the feature.

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