Black Jack Professional Series is an exciting new 3-hand blackjack game from Net Entertainment featuring a 3D look and feel with state of the art card animations and Double Jack sidebet.

3d Blackjack Professional

Game Theme & Graphics

A world class game experience – Professional Series Blackjack is the first of a new breed of table games featuring a table layout with 3D perspective and state of the art card and chip animations.

Colour coded game buttons used to play blackjack hands are located in front of the player. Depending on the stage in the game they can deal, draw, hit, stand, split, double, accept even money, or buy insurance

Double Jack Side bet

Double Jack is a Blackjack side bet that is easy to understand and offers the player the chance of multiplying their bet up to one hundred times! This will boost game turnover without affecting normal Blackjack game play. Blackjack side-bets have proven popular with players and increase both cash drop and win/hold percentages for the game as a whole.

Double Jack is simple and intuitive to understand yet fast and exciting. It is based on the first two cards dealt and the bet is settled directly upon completion of the initial deal, leaving the main game, rules and strategy unaffected. The side bet has the same table limit as the blackjack bet, and cannot be more than the blackjack bet placed.

A Double Jack bet pays out in the following three situations:

  •   The first two cards in the regular Blackjack hand is a pair of Jacks of spades.
  •   The first two cards in the regular Blackjack hand is a pair of Jacks
  •   The first card in the regular Blackjack hand is a Jack.Payout

    Blackjack is played with 4 hands and the cards are re-shuffled after each round. The following rules apply:

  •   Dealer must stand on 17 (including soft 17) and must draw to 16.
  •   Double on any two cards.
  •   Split up to 2 hands.
  •   No surrender.


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Intuitive Betting and Blackjack Play

Players select the chip value at the bottom right of the game (default 1, 5, and 10) and place their bets on 1 to 3 hands. A delete chip allows players to remove any bets before the blackjack deal starts.

Players click Deal and the game dealer automatically deals the first two cards for each blackjack hand.

Information about the state of each hand in the game is displayed on the table, thereby enabling beginners to quickly enter the exciting world of blackjack.

Payout and Game Panel

Players can view the Blackjack and Double Jack payout by moving the mouse over the MIN/MAX sign on the table.

The game panel at the bottom of the game displays the available amount in the player account, as well as the amount bet and won.

Buttons for the game settings menu, audio, game rules are located to the left on the game panel.

3D Online Blackjack Rules

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