The latest in our Pro series table games, Common Draw Roulette is a network game where players from various licensees can play at the same table.

The game is a traditional roulette game played against the house. Up to 100 players can play at the same table, betting on the same spin and chatting with each other.

Common Draw Roulette

The game comes complete with its own lobby where players are given access to one or more tables with varying spin intervals, table limits, and play modes.

Game Theme & Graphics

  •   The winning numbers for the last 14 spins are displayed in the top right of the table.
  •   The previous spin pop-up window on the left displays the total value of the bets and total value of the wins for all players for the last spin.
  •   The players tab lists all the current players at this table, with their bet and win information, either for the last spin or the last 10 spins.
  •   The chat tab displays announcements from players and the licensee. Game round results are also displayed.
  •   The special bets pop-up table displays the advanced bets options.
  •   The MIN/MAX box shows the minimum and maximum table bets. If the mouseis moved over the box the paytable for non-special bets is displayed.
  •   Additional chip values are viewed by selecting the arrows to their left and right.
  •   Players bring more chips to the table by clicking Buy Chips.
  1. Main Game
    •   Players select a chip value and place their bets on the roulette table, race track or by selecting from the Special bets menu.
    •   All bets must be confirmed to participate in the upcoming spin. When the player clicks the confirm button, the amount bet is debited from the current credit.
    •   When the ball has landed in a pocket, a dolly is placed on the bet area of the table showing the winning number, and the winning number is also presented in the win presentation window in the upper right corner.
    •   The amount won is added to the player’s credit and displayed in the game panel.
  1. Multiplayer Lobby
    •   The Multiplayer Lobby displays information about the available tables and the current game action. It also displays information about the player’s account balances and number of players online. Players access the Multiplayer Lobby by clicking on the game link from a casino lobby.
    •   Branding possibilities allow you to provide a seamless experience for your players across your network of Net Entertainment powered casinos
    •   Common Draw Roulette has its own tab in the lobby with access to one or more tables with varying spin intervals.
    •   Joining a table is as simple as clicking the green button next to the preferred table.
    •   By selecting the Play for fun checkbox players can access any table in playing for fun mode.


  •   Players chat with others at the table by typing a message at the bottom ofthe Chat or Players tab and then click .
  •   Players who prefer not to receive messages from other players can deselect the Enable chat setting. With this option off notifications from the licensee will still be received.
  •   By deselecting the System messages checkbox, players can turn off system information to display in the chat window.
  •   Players can choose to mute chat messages from individual players by selecting the Mute Player setting in the Players tab.
  •   In addition, the chat window displays licensee messages, win information and game round results.
  •   Players who are playing for fun will not be able to chat.
  •   The chat can be either public (shared between licensees on the sameplatform) or private (open for players from a single licensee only).
  •   The chat can be disabled on a per-licensee or per-player basis.
  •   Licensees can create a list of blocked words, for example obscenities, that will be blocked for usage in the chat.
  •   Licensee messages can be sent to either all, or to individual tables. Only the players belonging to the licensee that sends the message will receive the information.
  •   All chat messages, including player, network operator, and licensee messages are logged. All messages in the chat log, including licensee unique messages, are visible for licensees using the same chat. Chat messages are logged and stored for 6 months.Note: If chat is enabled, it is up to the licensee to take responsibility of text in the chats. Please refer to the Chat Rules & Disclaimer section in the Multiplayer Games for details.Players tab
  •   The Players tab lists all current players at the table.
  •   Players can select to show bet and win information of individual players for the last spin or the last 10 spins.
  •   Players can copy the bets placed by other players in the last spin.
  •   When a player is selected his bets are shown as ghost-chips on the table. Clicking Copy last bet enables a player to play with the same bet in the upcoming spin.

Players Tab – Ghost Chips

Previous Spin – Bet Pattern

Special Bets – Les Vousins Du Zero

Previous Spin Information

  •   The Previous spin pop-up window displays the total value of the bets and total value of the wins for all players for the last spin.
  •   If the mouse is moved over the window the bet patterns for all players for the last spin are shown.Special Bets
  •   The Special bets panel facilitates combination bets based on established betting patterns.
  •   The Special bets panel opens when players click + in the Special bets bar. When this panel is open, all special bets available are listed. Players can scroll through the pages of the special bets list using the arrows at the top of the panel. When players move the mouse over a special bet, the bet numbers are highlighted on the table.
  •   Players can choose to always display the Special bets panel by selecting the Special bets checkbox in Game settings.Betting Assistance
  •   Highlights and mouse over help texts inform and guide players when placing bets on the roulette table or through the Special bets panel.
  •   In the illustration the player has placed a 100 corner bet, and is about to place an additional bet on the same numbers. The numbers 16 to 20 are highlighted on the table and the following mouse over help text is displayed: CornerBet 100.00
    Max limit: 200.00Racetrack
  •   The numbers on the racetrack replicate the sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel.
  •   Three types of bets can be made using the racetrack: straight bets and five (5) special bets including neighbour bets.
  •   Racetrack bets are placed by clicking a specific number or special bet pattern in the racetrack. Chips are placed on the number/s on the table the player bets on. Each of these bets acts as a straight (one number) or a split bet. In this illustration the player has placed a straight bet on number 31 and a neighbour bet with a spread of 3 (the full bet placed is equivalent to 7 straight bets). The mouse pointer remains over the bet and the bet remains highlighted on the table.
  •   The spread of numbers on either side of the number selected for neighbour bets can be specified in the Game settings.

Game Rules Common Draw Roulette

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