Crusade of Fortune video slots

Crusade of Fortune is a 5 reel 20 line, multiple bet level video slot that takes players into a classic fantasy world full of adventure, magic, strange beasts, and great heroes.
It features wild and scatter symbols, free bonus spins and a bonus game.

Players can select the coin value, number of bet lines and bet level before spinning the reels.
• Game Actions
BET LINES – Each time the button is clicked the bet line counter increases by one and an additional bet line is highlighted.
BET LEVEL – Each time the button is clicked the bet level is increased by one.
COIN VALUE – Each time the button is clicked the coin value is increased.
MAX BET – If selected the bet line counter changes to 20 and all bet lines are highlighted on screen. Starts a game round.
• Game rounds: When the player clicks the spin button, the amount bet is debited from the current credit (available coins and credit).
The reels automatically come to rest, or can be stopped by the player by the clicking the spin button (G4 mode disabled only).
• Game results: Players can win on any one of the bet lines they bet on.
The game highlights which lines are winners and how much has been won on each line.
The total winnings are added together and shown in the Win coins box and the amount won is added to the cash and displays in the game panel.
Crusade of Fortune features a fight bonus game where the player takes on the role of the heroic Warrior prepared for battle against the fierce Orc.
• Bonus winnings: Players can win up to 250 000 coins in the bonus game. Players win bonus amounts based on how much damage the Warrior inflicts on the Orc, as well as, bonus amounts for successfully blocking the Orc’s attacks. Players have up to three rounds to kill the Orc and get a bonus treasure win.
• Bonus game entry: 3+ Orc bonus symbols on an active bet line, in succession from leftmost to right start, the bonus game. The bonus game starts with an introductory screen which tells players to slay the Orc to steal his treasure. Each round is played in two stages—Attack the Orc and Defend the Orc’s attack.
• Battle the Orc: When attacking the Orc players click a sword to select their attack move—high, middle, low. The player then attacks the Orc using the strike selected and the Orc randomly blocks the attack. The result of the attack is displayed on screen. Hits result in coin wins for the player and a
reduction in the life meter for the Orc. When defending the Orc’s attack players must then select one of three shields—high, middle, or low—to select a defence. The Orc then randomly attacks the player and the player blocks the strike with the defence position selected. The result of the defence is displayed on screen. Successful blocks result in coin wins for the player. Failed blocks result in a reduction in the life meter of the player.
• Treasure win: If the player slays the Orc, they win an item from the treasure chest giving the player an additional bonus amount.
• Final win presentation: The game ends after three rounds or when the Orc or the player dies. A random battle bonus is added to the fight win and the total winnings are presented to the player. Players click the back to game button to return to the game. The total bonus winnings are added to the cash amount displayed in the game panel.
• Feature preview: Players can preview the bonus game screen by clicking FEATURE PREVIEW at the right of the game buttons on the keypad.
• Note: The wild symbol does not substitute for bonus game symbol.

Crusade of Fortune video slots rules

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