Fortuna Lottery Game

An online casual game with a simplistic design, Fortuna is a luck themed game where players can choose their preferred lucky symbol. The player clicks each symbol until they find 3 matching amounts.

Fortuna is played as follows:
• Players can select their lucky symbol by clicking one of the symbols that appear on the left and right of the play area.
The cells change according to the chosen symbol.
• Players can then select a reveal tool of their choice by clicking the reveal tools icon.
• To start playing the player clicks BUY GAME. The cost of the game is then deducted from the Cash balance.
• The player can click REVEAL ALL to expose all the cells at once.
Alternatively, the player can manually expose the cells using the selected tool until all amounts are revealed or a winning combination is found.
A game with three matching amounts is a winner and is indicated by CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON.

Fortuna Lottery Game rules

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