LUCKY 8 LINE Slot Machine

LUCKY 8 LINE Slot Machine

Lucky 8 Line is an easy to play 9 reel slot. Wins are possible on any one of 3 horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines, and/or both diagonal lines.

Lucky 8 Line Slots

Game Theme & Graphics

The game display comprises three main elements – video display area, keypad area, and game panel.

  •   Coin selection is to the lower right of the Spin button.
  •   Buttons that cannot be used in various game states are greyed out.
    1. Main GamePlayers can select the coin value and bet level before spinning the reels in the main game

Game actions. The buttons on the key pad perform the following different game actions:


Displays the payout values for matching symbol combinations.


Resets the selected number of bet lines to zero.


Click to add to more lines to the current bet. After all lines have been selected, subsequent clicks add more coins to be bet on each bet line.


Spins the reels at the selected number of lines and coin value.


Selects the maximum number of coins and bet lines at the current coin value.

  •   Game rounds. When the player clicks the spin button, the amount bet is debited from the current credit (available coins and credit). The reels automatically come to rest. Alternatively, when G4 mode is disabled, the player can stop the reels by clicking the spin button.
  •   Game results. Winning lines and the corresponding winning fruits in the paytable are highlighted. The total winnings are added together and shown in the WIN display.

Reel Spin

  • At first glance Lucky 8 LineTM appears to be a traditional slot machine with 3 reels. But what sets this game apart is 9 separate reels with each symbol effectively appearing on an independent reel. Each spin produces a realistic spinning effect with each reel smoothly coming to a stop one after the other.

Lucky 8 Slot Machine Game Rules

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