Bring the glamour and elegance to your screen with this new miniature roulette game. Just like the full-size version, Mini Roulette lets you place your bets on the spinning wheel – but in this game with only 13 numbers to bet on.

Mini Roulette

Game Theme & Graphics

The special feature of mini games is their small screen footprint. The Mini Roulette game display comprises two main elements – the game display area and the game panel.

  •   Game display area. The bet area and the roulette wheel are displayed in this upper area. In addition available chips, game history, and information about the minimum and maximum bets per game round are shown.
  •   Game panel. The game panel at the bottom houses the buttons for fast play, audio, and the game rules. This area also displays the player’s account information and alternates between showing the available cash, current bet, amount won, and player mode (when in Play for Fun mode).
  1. Main GamePlayers select a chip value and place their bets before spinning the wheel.

    When the player clicks the SPIN button, the bet amount is debited from the current credit.

    When a ball has landed in a pocket, a dolly is placed on the bet area of the table showing the winning number and the winning number is presented in the win presentation window.

    The total winnings are added together and shown in the Win box. The amount won is added to the player’s credit and displayed in the game panel.

    Clicking REBET at the end of a game round places the same bet as the previous game round and starts the wheel spin.

    Game Settings

    Players can select the Sound and Fast Play game options located to the left on the game panel. The default settings are Sound ON and Fast Play OFF. Players can also view the game rules by selecting the question mark (?) button.

Play Mini Roulette for Real Money

  1. Bet HelpBetting assistance through highlights and mouse over help informs and guides players when placing bets on the roulette table.

    In the illustration on the left the player has placed a €10 bet, and is trying to place an additional split bet. The numbers 1 and 4 are highlighted on the table and the following mouse over help text is displayed:

    Straight 2 Bet: €10.00 MAX: €10.00.

    The “MAX” text is changing from white to red when the player tries to place a bet that exceeds the limit for that bet type.

Mini Roulette Rules

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