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A game inspired by the great pacific battles of World War 2 and the pencil and paper game Battleship pre-dating the First World War. The game gives you the chance to win up to 300,000 coins in the main game and 250,000 coins in the[ bonus game.
Pacific Attack is a 5-reel, 15-line, multiple coin video slot featuring wild and scatter symbols, free bonus spins and Battleship bonus game.
For each game round, you can choose between different coin values. You can bet 1 to 20 coins per bet line on up to 15 lines. The minimum bet is one coin on one line, and the maximum bet is 20 coins on all 15 bet lines totalling 300 coins.
Only the highest win on a bet line is paid. Combinations win only if in succession from leftmost to right, except scatter symbols. Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added. Winning combinations of symbols are displayed in the paytable available in the bottom left corner of the video screen.

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Players can select the coin value, number of bet lines and bet level before spinning the reels.
• Game actions:
Each time the button is clicked the bet line counter increases by one and an additional bet line is highlighted.
Each time the button is clicked the bet level is increased by one.
Each time the button is clicked the coin value is increased.
If selected the bet line counter changes to 15 and all bet lines are highlighted on screen.
Starts a game round.
• Game rounds: When the player clicks the spin button, the amount bet is debited from the current credit (available coins and credit).
The reels automatically come to rest, or can be stopped by the player by the clicking the spin button (G4 mode disabled only).
• Game results: Players can win on any one of the bet lines they bet on. The game highlights which lines are winners and how much has been won on each line.
The total winnings are added together and show in the Win coins box and the amount won is added to the cash and is displayed in the game panel.

The battleship bonus game is based on the battleship game played by 2 players, known worldwide as a pencil and paper game pre-dating the First World War and more recently as a popular commercial board game.
• Bonus winnings: In the bonus game players can win by inflicting damage on the enemy fleet. Players win amounts for each successful hit on the battle fleet, as well as additional amounts for sinking ships.
• Bonus game entry: 3+ airplane bonus symbols scattered on a bet line, in succession from leftmost to right, starts the bonus game.
The bonus game starts with an introductory screen which informs players of their mission objective—to complete the raid and sink as many of the 5 enemy ships as possible.
The game randomly selects a number of consecutive squares (horizontally or vertically) on the grid for each ship to occupy.
An animated squadron of airplanes flies over and bombs the battle grid resulting in a number of battle fleet hits or misses. Players receive a random coin win for each hit.
• Destroying the enemy fleet: Players must then select a warplane and return to destroy the enemy fleet. Information about each plane is provided: the number of bombs available and a random win range of coins for each hit.
The win range varies depending on the bet level of the game that triggered the bonus game. Once the player has chosen a plane the mouse pointer becomes a crosshair that is used for selecting target squares on the battle grid. Each click on a grid square releases a bomb resulting in a hit or a miss. Player’s receive a random coin win for a hit and if a player sinks a ship an additional bonus amount is won.
• Final win presentation: When a player has dropped their bomb cache the game reveals where each ship was placed on the battle grid.
The final win presentation is displayed and informs the player of the total amount won in the bonus game. Players click the back to game button to return to the game and the total bonus winnings are added to the cash amount displayed in the game panel.
• Feature preview: Players can preview the bonus game screen by clicking FEATURE PREVIEW at the right of the game buttons on the keypad.
Note: The wild symbol does not substitute for the bonus game symbol.

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