Punto Banco Professional Series


Punto Banco, a popular version of Baccarat in many Latin countries and elsewhere, has proven to be a successful draw in any casino. By adding this latest Pro Series game to your casino, you are sure to capture a larger segment of Baccarat players.

Punto Banco is played with six standard decks and features 2 to 1 payouts on Punto and Banco bets, as well as an enticing 9 to 1 payout on tie bets.

Punto Banco

Game Theme & Graphics

Punto Banco Professional Series features a lifelike casino atmosphere with seamless card and chip animations and an unobtrusive jazz soundtrack.

The player can play in either full screen mode or a browser window, and adjust the game settings to suit their playing style.

Other features include:

  •   Play without placing any bets
  •   Collapsible game history table displaying results of up to 10 hands
  •   Adjustable card deal speed
  •   Fully adjustable sound settings.Main GameTo place a bet the player clicks on a coloured chip, and then clicks on the TIE, BANCO or PUNTO section of the table to place a bet. Repeated clicks increase the amount of the bet; the player sees the coins stack up and the total value displayed beneath increases accordingly.To remove a bet, the player selects the chip with the red cross, and clicks on the table section with the incorrect bet. The whole bet is removed, and the player can make a new bet.

    Game Play

    When the player clicks Deal, cards are dealt to both the Punto and Banco sides of the table with the hand value displayed at the upper right of the cards. The outcome of the game is then displayed alongside the bets. Before the next game round starts, the player is given the option to either Rebet (same chips in the same table sections) or place a New Bet.

Punto Banco History

The player can choose to display the game history, located to the left of the game table, which shows the results of the last 10 game rounds. The history is formatted as follows:

  •   The most recent game round is shown in the top two squares
  •   The number on the left indicates the card value for the Punto; the number on the right indicates the card value for the Banco.
  •   If the Punto has won the game round, the Punto’s hand value is highlighted in red and the Banco’s hand value is greyed out. If the Banco has won a game round, the Banco’s hand value is highlighted in yellow and the Punto’s hand value is greyed out. If the result is a Tie, both Punto and Banco hand values are highlighted.

How to Play Punto Banco

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