In Shoot 4 Gold, players experience the charm and excitement of the classic arcade-style shooting gallery until the last click. 8 duck targets hide 3 gold stars. Reveal the 3 gold stars in 6 shots, and you are a winner!

Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card Game

Game Play area, Result area, and Key Pad

Game Theme & Graphics

The game display comprises three main elements – Game play area, Result area, and Key pad.

  • Game play area. In this upper area, duck targets are displayed and then shot by the player to reveal what lies behind them.
  •   Result area. The result area features the POTENTIAL WIN box. When opened, it displays the possible win amount for the current game round. In addition, the displays in the result area indicate the number of successful shots, the number of shots remaining, and the price of the game.
  •   Key pad. The game panel at the bottom houses the buttons for the paytable, game settings, sound, reveal tools, BUY GAME, and AUTO SHOOT. This area also displays the player’s account information and alternates between showing the available cash, current bet, amount won, and player mode (when in Play for Fun mode).

Shoot 4 Gold Scratcher WIN MONEY NOW

  1. Main Game
    Shoot 4 Gold is played as follows:
    •   To begin playing, the player clicks BUY GAME. The cost of the card is deducted from the Cash balance, and the ducks appear to swim through the play area.
    •   Players can select a reveal tool of their choice by clicking the Sight options button.
    •   The player can click AUTO SHOOT for 6 of the 8 ducks to be selected randomly and revealed along with the POTENTIAL WIN. Alternatively, the player may reveal the ducks manually by using the selected sight option.
    •   When a gold star is found, it is added to the result pad.
    •   The shots remaining indicator is updated after each shot.
    •   POTENTIAL WIN can be revealed at any time during game play.
    •   When all 3 gold stars are found, the player wins.

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