Triple Wins High Roller with Jackpot provides a new and easy to play scratch ticket with a progressive local jackpot.

Triple Wins Jackpot Casino Game

The scratch ticket has nine cells each with one amount printed (including currency) in each cell and one win multiplier cell. The player scratches to reveal cells with the amount and win multiplier. Each game supports a total of four (4) scratch tools; of which one is default and possible to brand. Players have two chances to win. Players have a winning ticket if any amount appears three times, or the jackpot symbol appears three times.

Players can choose to buy the default ticket selected, choose one of the 10 tickets in the ticket rack, or opt to get a new selection of tickets. The following illustration of Triple Wins High Roller with Jackpot shows ticket number 6 selected in the ticket rack.

The inclusion of a progressive Jackpot gives players the opportunity to win twice. They can win if any amount appears three times, or if the Jackpot symbol appears three times. A regularly updated Jackpot display which shows the Jackpot amount increasing continually entices players to keep playing.

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