Once players have purchased a ticket and selected a scratch tool, they scratch the ticket to reveal if they have won. Players must scratch each of the 9 cells and the win multiplier which influences how much the player wins. Alternatively, players can click SCRATCH ALL and the game automatically reveals the numbers under each of the nine cells and the win multiplier.

Tripple Wins Scratch Card for Real Money Making

Players can choose to buy the default ticket selected, choose one of the 10 tickets in the ticket rack, or opt to get a new selection of tickets. In the following illustration of Triple Win Low Roller shows ticket number 6 selected in the ticket rack. To buy the ticket and play the player must first click BUY TICKET.

By default one of the available scratch tools is selected, however, players can select one of four tools to use when scratching a ticket. Players click the SCRATCH TOOLS button and click the tool they wish to scratch with.

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