Net Entertainment launches Vault Assault a brand new 3-reel, 1-line mini slot featuring a progressive Jackpot.

The game is a new member of the casino mini-games with a small screen footprint. Vault Assault can be integrated in parallel with other gaming or site activities, or it can be played in a separate window.

Vault Assault Mini Slot

Main Game

The game panel shifts between showing the Cash, Bet, and Win amounts depending on the state of the game.

Game Settings

Players can select the Sound and Fast Play game options located to the left on the game panel. The default settings are Sound ON and Fast play OFF. Players can also view the game rules for Vault Assault by selecting the question mark (?) button.


Net Entertainment Vault Assualt Slot Machine

The paytable in Vault Assault displays the standard slot machine win per winning symbols and coins. This paytable is accessed by clicking the PAYTABLE button to the top right of the machine.

Vault Assault Game Rules

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