Virtual Horse Racing – Golden Derby

GOLDEN DERBY Virtual Horse Racing

Golden Derby is an exciting virtual 3D horse racing game. Players can make multiple WIN, PLACE, SHOW, EXACTA and QUINELLA bets at published odds on the outcome of each race.

The game includes a progressive Jackpot. The chance of winning the Jackpot is related to the total amount the player bets on the race.

High quality 3D graphics and realistic sound make the race exciting to watch. Photo finish images show the player the first, second, and third horses as they cross the winning line. Players can also see a summary of their recent bets and the results of previous races.

Virtual Horse Racing Golden Derby

Game Theme & Graphics

Each Golden Derby race features a truly remarkable 3D horseracing movie designed to excite like the real thing, and generate a word-of-mouth buzz around the game (“Hey, folks, take a look at this!”).

The fully-detailed racetrack setting includes spectators, buildings, trees, scenery … even the dust flying from the horse’s hooves!

Each race is shown from multiple camera angles, including close-ups or the horses and riders, panning shots, and overhead views.

A background soundtrack and sound effects add to the feeling of authenticity for the player.

At the end, the final dramatic photo finish makes it easy for the player to see which horses made the first three places.

Background billboards and advertising hoardings make it possible to increase in- game branding, and generate revenue from third-parties.

Golden Derby Virtual Horse Racing

Each movie is supported by dynamic information displays showing the current positions, the currently winning bets, the total potential win right now, the matched Jackpot numbers, all updated in real time.


There are five basic Bet Types that a player can place in a Golden Derby race.

Players can place multiple bets of different types on the same race up to the maximum bet limit. For example, a player can bet on two different horses to win the race, and for another two horses to complete a Quinella.

The BET tab and its sub-tabs (WIN – PLACE – SHOW and EXACTA QUINELLA) give the player easy access to all the betting functions of the game.

One-click selection buttons, clear labels and colours, field highlighting and other dynamic graphics streamline the process of placing bets.

Players can type amounts directly into bet fields or use the quick entry denomination buttons to place bets in standard increments.

The exact odds for each bet type are shown directly on the betting screens.

The possible win for each bet is calculated and displayed as soon as the player enters an amount.

To help guide new players, tool tips appear over buttons and other important interface items after a few moments delay.

Standard horse racing terminology is used through the interface so that regular punters immediately feel at home.

Bet Slip

The BET SLIP tab provides players a complete overview of all the bets they have placed so far on the upcoming race.

On the bet slip, each different bet is clearly shown, along with the amount bet, the odds, and the possible win.

Players can remove individual or all current bets from the bet slip with the click of a button.

Individual bets are kept separate on the bet slip. For example two different bets can be placed on the same horse to win.

Players can leave the bet slip, place more bets, then return to it at any time, allowing the player proper management of their betting systems and patterns.

Race Form

In Golden Derby, the previous form of each horse influences its likelihood of winning the coming race.

Players can see the form of each horse in the race on the RACE FORM tab. The same information can also be reached with the information buttons that

appear next to each horse’s name.

Various statistics and graphs are presented on the RACE FORM tab to help the player to understand the winning potential of each horse. Information includes:

  •   Speed
  •   Stamina
  •   Strength
  •   Last 5 race results
  •   Current WIN odds
    A consistent layout makes it possible to compare horses and see the differences between them by simply clicking each name in turn.Betting History
    Players can get both an overview and a detailed view of their recent betting andrace history on the HISTORY tab.
    The summary for each past race includes the total amount bet and won, the timeof the race, and the finishing positions of the first three horses.The detailed information includes a complete list of bets made by type, the bet amount, the odds, and amount won, the list of Jackpot numbers and matches, and the Jackpot payout if any.
  • Jackpot

    The Jackpot numbers (1 to 8) are assigned when the race starts and displayed from the top down in the player’s Jackpot list. Each number in the Jackpot list represents the number of one of the 8 horses in the race. If a horse is in the correct position, the jackpot numbers in the list light up.

    The chance of winning a full or part Jackpot is dependent on the total amount bet on the race by the player.





horse comes first

Bet Amount x WIN Odds


horse comes first or second

Bet Amount x PLACE Odds


horse comes first, second, or third

Bet Amount x SHOW Odds


both horses finish first and second, in correct order

Bet Amount x EXACTA Odds


both horses finish first and second, in any order

Bet Amount x QUINELLA Odds

Golden Derby Rules

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