Common Draw Roulette is a traditional roulette game where all players bet on the same spin of the wheel. The key features include:

  •   Chat with other players at the same table.
  •   View and Copy other player’s bets.
  •   View the total bets and total wins for the previous spin.
  •   View the bets and wins of individual players.QUICK TOUR OF THE TABLE
  •   The winning numbers for the last 14 spins are displayed in the top right of the table.
  •   The PREVIOUS SPIN pop-up window on the left displays the total value of the bets and total value of the wins for all players for the last spin. Move your mouse over the window to see the bet patterns for all players for the last spin.
  •   The PLAYERS tab lists all the current players at this table, with their bet and win information, either for the last spin or the last 10 spins.
  •   The CHAT tab displays announcements from players and the casino.
  •   The SPECIAL BETS pop-up table displays the advanced bets options. See theSpecial bets section below for more information.
  •   The MIN/MAX box by the wheel displays the minimum and maximum table bets. Move your mouse over the box to see the paytable for non-special bets.
  •   Additional chip values are viewed by selecting the arrows to their left and right.HOW TO PLAY
  •   The countdown timer shows how much time you have left to place a bet before the wheel spin begins. To participate in the upcoming spin all bets must be confirmed before the timer reaches zero (0).
  •   Select a chip value: Click on the forwards and backwards arrows to find the required chip value. Click on the chip.
  •   Place one or several bets: Either click on the numbers or areas on the table, or select from the SPECIAL BETS table.
  •   To remove a bet, select the Delete chip and click on the chips on the table, on a special bet in the SPECIAL BETS table, or on the Racetrack.
  •   Confirm your bets: Click CONFIRM BETS.
  •   Your bet result and win will be displayed in the top right of the table.
  •   Click SAME BET to place the same bet as in the previous spin, or click CLEAR BET to clear the table of all winning bets from the previous spin, and then place any new bets.SPECIAL BETS
  •   Click + in the SPECIAL BETS panel to view the special bets options.
  •   Use the forwards and back arrows to toggle through the pages.
  •   The number to the right of the special bet name is the minimum number of coins that will be placed for the bet.
  •   Move your mouse over the special bet name to see which numbers a special bet includes. The numbers will be highlighted on the table.

Common Draw Roulette Rules

Click on the special bet name to place a bet with your pre-selected chip value. RACETRACK

  •   The Racetrack duplicates the roulette wheel (that is, the number order is thesame).
  •   The special bets cover numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel and Racetrack.
  •   Three types of bets can be made using the racetrack: straight bets and five (5) special bets including neighbour bets.
  •   The spread of numbers on either side of the number selected for neighbour bets can be specified in the game settings.PLAYERS AND CHAT OPTIONS
  •   Players who are playing for fun will not be able to chat.
  •   To send a message, type your message in the chat field and press
  •   In addition, the CHAT tab displays casino messages, player win information and game round results.
  •   The PLAYERS tab lists all the current players at this table.
  •   Click Last spin to show the bet and win information for all players in the lastspin.
  •   Click Last 10 spins to show the cumulative results of the last 10 spins for all players at this table.
  •   Click a player name to view his bets for the last spin as “ghost chips” on the table. Click Copy last bet to play with the same bet in the upcoming spin. Don’t forget to confirm your bets.
  •   Select Mute player if you do not wish to receive chat messages from the selected player.GAME SETTING OPTIONS
  •   To access game settings, click the spanner icon in the game panel.
  •   Audio. Turn on or off all sounds.
  •   Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects played for events.
  •   Background music. Turn on or off the background soundtrack.
    Special bets. Turn on or off the option for special bets to always display.Neighbour bets. Turn on or off the option for neighbour bets, and specify the spread of numbers on either side of the number selected (where 0 turns off neighbour bets and 1 to 9 specifies the spread of numbers).System messages. Turns on or off the option of receiving system messages. Enable chat. Turns on or off the option of receiving messages from other players.With this option off you will still receive notifications from the casino.Note: Some casinos may operate without all of the listed game settings. BET DESCRIPTION AND PAYOUT
    The following table lists the bet categories, the minimum number of chips needed, and the payouts for a winning bet.

Play Common Draw Roulette

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