How to Play Trey Poker Professional Series.

  •   Overview
  •   Playing Ante/Play
    •   Ante/Play results and normal payout
    •   Ante/Play bonus payout

Trey Poker

  •   Playing Pair Up

Pair Up payout

  •   Betting help
  •   Hand rankings
  •   Betting Limits
  •   Game Settings
  •   Additional Information OVERVIEWTrey Poker Professional Series offers two separate games to play-Ante/Play and Pair Up. Trey Poker is played with one deck of 52 cards that are shuffled before each round. Play either one or both games at the same time. When you play both games at the same time you can bet different amounts on each game.
  •   Ante/Play Game. You compete against the dealer to get the best three-card poker hand. After placing an Ante bet you receive three cards. You then make a Play bet (equal to the Ante bet) or Fold and surrender the ante bet. If you Play, your three-card hand is compared with the dealers. Winnings are paid out according to the normal and bonus payout tables.
  •   Pair Up game. You bet on the quality of your three-card poker hand, independent of the dealer’s hand, and win on hand combinations of a pair or better. Depending on the casino offering Trey Poker you may lose the Pair Up bet if you fold on the Ante bet.PLAYING ANTE/PLAYPlay the Ante/Play game by doing the following:
  •   Place an Ante bet. Place a bet on the Ante circle. If you are also playing the Pair Up game place your bet on the Pair Up circle.
  •   Initiate the deal. Click Deal. A three card hand is dealt to you face up, and a three card hand is dealt face down to the dealer.
  •   Play or Fold. Review your cards and do one of the following:
    •   Click Play if you think you have a hand that can beat the dealer. A Play bet equal to the ante is placed in the Play betting circle. The dealer’s hand is revealed and your hands are compared.
    •   Click Fold if you think you do not have a winning hand and wish to end the game. You lose the Ante bet (and any Pair Up bet; depending on the casino offering Trey Poker.)
  •   View the result. The game displays the result of the Ante/Play showdown between you and the dealer. The dealer must have a queen or better to qualify. You are paid out according to the Ante Game Results and Ante Game Payout, see Ante results and normal payout and Ante bonus payout. If you are playing Pair Up the result is displayed and you are paid out according to the Pair Up payout.Note: For information about hand ranking and betting help, see Hand Ranking

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