Oasis Poker Professional Series Rules

Oasis Poker Professional Series Game Rules

  •   The game is played with one 52-card deck, shuffled before each round.
  •   The Bet limit sign indicates the minimum and maximum Ante bet limit.
  •   There is a non-refundable fee to discard and draw cards.

How to Play Oasis Poker

  •   The Call bet is always equal to double the Ante bet.
  •   Payouts are made according to the paytable.
  •   To view the Paytable, move the pointer over the MIN/MAX sign.
  •   Some features may not be available in PLAYING FOR FUN mode.PLAY OF HAND
  •   You make an Ante bet.
  •   You and the dealer get 5 cards each; 5 face up to you, 1 exposed and 4 face down to the dealer.
  •   For a fee, you can discard and draw 1 or more cards:
    •   1card=1xAnte
    •   2cards=2xAnte
    •   3cards=3xAnte
    •   4cards=2xAnte
    •   5* cards = 1 x Ante
  •   *If you discard and draw 5 cards you will automatically call.
  •   You must either call to play the hand or fold to surrender and lose the Ante bet.
  •   If you call, the dealer turns over the remaining four cards. SHOWDOWN
  •   The best 5-card poker hand wins.
  •   The dealer qualifies with Ace and King.
  •   Hands of equal value are a tie.
  •   Standard 5-card poker hand rankings are used.
  •   There is no ranking among suits.PLAYING HELP
  •   To make an Ante bet, select a chip and then click in the bet area.
  •   If there are arrows to the left and right of the chips, click these to see additional chip values.
  •   To remove a bet, select the delete chip and then click in the bet area.
  •   To start a hand, click DEAL.
  •   To continue the hand click action buttons. GAME SETTING OPTIONS
  •   To access game settings, click the spanner icon in the game panel.
  •   Audio. Turn on or off all sounds.
  •   Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects played for events.
  •   Background music. Turn on or off the background soundtrack.
  •   Speed. Increase or decrease game speed.
  •   Game history. Click to view your latest game history.
  •   Note: Some casinos may operate without all of the listed game settings.

    The theoretical return to player for this game is 98.96% ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

    •   The following game features and settings may be subject to the terms andconditions of the gaming site. For more information on the following, refer to the gaming website:
      •   The procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds.
      •   The time after which inactive game sessions automatically end.
    •   In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affectedgame bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.

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