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Welcome to Roulette Advanced! Information about the game and a description of how to play is provided below.

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    This game is an online version of European roulette where the object of the game is to successfully predict which of the 37 numbered pockets the ball will land in. By correctly predicting the winning pocket, players win an amount according to the payout for the winning bet.
    Players make one type of bet, or any combination of bets, including both regular table bets and special betting patterns, restricted only by the table and bet type limits. Once players have placed their bets and pressed SPIN, the roulette wheel starts to spin. The ball rolls in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation and circles around the wheel edges and bounces off the wheel diamonds. The ball lands in a randomly selected pocket.
    A dolly is placed on the bet area of the table showing the winning number, and the winning number is presented on the billboard. All bets that do not match the winning number are removed from the table. If the player has bet on the winning number the game pays the win to the player according to the payout for the winning bet.
    Playing roulette is easy. Select a chip value, place your bets, spin the wheel, and wait to see if you have correctly predicted the winning number.
    Selecting a chip value. To select the desired chip value, click a chip at the bottom right of the game panel. If there are arrows to the left and right of the chips, click these to see additional chip values.
    Placing one or several bets. Place your bets either by chip betting on the table, or using the special betting patterns in line with the table and bet type limits.Note: If the total amount for a table or special bet is more than the bet or table limit, or you do not have enough cash for the bet, it will not be added to the table.
  •   Table bets (Inside and Outside bets)
  •   Place a table bet by clicking on any bet area on the table. Every click on an area on the table and racetrack numbers adds one chip of the selected value to the table bet area.
  •   When you move your mouse across the table or betting areas the game highlights the bet and provides information about the bet type, for example straight, and the current bet amount.
    •   Special bets (Special bet panel, Billboard and Racetrack)
    •   Place a Special bet by, clicking the selected chip value, and clicking a bet in the special bets panel. A number of chips of the selected value are placed on the ordinary bet area on the table, in line with the bet made.
    •   When you move your mouse over a special bet, the game highlights the bet numbers on the table.Note: To increase your bet by another amount, select another chip from the bottom right of the game panel.Removing a bet. To remove a bet, select the delete chip at the bottom right of the game panel, and click on any bet area in the table or a special bet in the Special bets panel, Billboard or Racetrack.Spinning the wheel. Click SPIN to remove the ball from the pocket and start the wheel spin. The amount you bet is deducted from your account. The ball lands in a pocket and the number on the pocket is the winning number. A dolly is placed on the table bet area showing the winning number.Checking the winning number. The winning number is displayed in the billboard with information about the type of winning number and if you have winnings. Your winnings are also displayed in the game panel and are added to your Cash amount. All losing bets are cleared from the table.Playing again. Click SAME BET to place the same bet as in the previous round, or click CLEAR BETS to clear the table of all previous bets, and then place any new bets and click SPIN.


      The Special bets panel enables you to place announce or call bets. The Special bets panel opens when you click the Special bets bar. When this panel is open, it lists all special bets available. To scroll through the pages of the special bets list, use the arrows at the top of the panel.


      The Racetrack provides an alternative way of betting on the roulette table. The Racetrack duplicates the roulette wheel (that is, the number order is the same). The Special bets cover numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel and Racetrack. Three types of bets can be made using the racetrack: straight bets and five (5) Special bets including neighbour bets.

      To make neighbour bets you must turn on the Neighbour bets game setting and specify the spread of numbers on either side of the number selected (0 turns off neighbour bets and 1 to 9 specifies the spread of numbers).


      The dynamic Billboard has content that varies according to the stage of the game. It displays the billboard number stack, the winning number presentation, and casino roulette statistics. In addition, you can also place bets on Hot and Cold numbers from the Billboard.

      Billboard Number Stack. Displays the history of the previous fourteen (14) winning numbers from your table. The red coloured numbers belong to the red number set, the yellow coloured numbers belong to the black number set, and green coloured number is the zero (0).

      Billboard in Bet mode. Displays statistics across all of the online Casino’s roulette tables for hot numbers, cold numbers, odd, zero, even, red, green, and black numbers.

      •   Hot numbers. Displays the most drawn numbers, and the number of times drawn in the last 500 spins.
      •   Cold numbers. Displays the least drawn numbers, and the number of spins since the number last won.
      •   Red/Black/Green numbers. Displays number of times (as a percentage) a red, black or green number has been drawn in the last 500 rounds.
      •   ODD/EVEN/0 numbers. Displays the number of times (as a percentage) an odd, even or zero has been drawn in the last 500 rounds.Note: All Billboard statistics are updated at the end of each game round when the winning number is presented.Billboard in Result mode. Once the ball stops, the Billboard displays the winning number and the results (winnings or no winnings).BET DESCRIPTION AND PAYOUTTo view the Paytable, move the pointer over the MIN/MAX sign.
        The following table lists the bet types, a description of each bet and and payouts for a winning bet.

Click the spanner icon in the game panel. Select to enable the following options for the game in the Game Settings menu:

  •   Audio. Turn on or off all sounds.
  •   Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects played for different events in the game.
  •   Background music. Turn on or off the background soundtrack.
  •   Fast play. Turn on or off fast play presentation.
  •   Special bets. Turn on or off the option for special bets to always display.
  •   Neighbour bets. Turn on or off the option for neighbour bets, and specify the spread of numbers on either side of the number selected (where 0 turns off neighbour bets and 1 to 9 specifies the spread of numbers).
  •   Game history. Click to view your latest game history.
  •   Note: Some casinos may operate without all of the listed game settings. AUTOPLAYWhen Autoplay is enabled, click AUTO in the game panel and select the number of rounds to play automatically. When the number of rounds is completed, Autoplay stops. To cancel Autoplay, click STOP. Autoplay stops after the current game round finishes.Select the following advanced settings for Autoplay use:
  •   On any win. Stop Autoplay when you win in a round.
  •   If single win exceeds. Stop Autoplay when the amount you win exceeds or equals the amount you specify.
  •   If cash increases by. Stop Autoplay if cash increases by the amount you specify.
  •   If cash decreases by. Stop Autoplay if cash decreases by the amount you specify.

    To remove specific Autoplay conditions, clear the appropriate checkbox, or click the Reset.


    The theoretical return to player is 97.30% ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

    •   The following game features and settings may be subject to the terms and conditions of the gaming site. For more information on the following, refer to the gaming website:
      •   The procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds.
      •   The time after which inactive game sessions automatically end.
    •   In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.

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