Joker Wild Video Poker


Joker Wild is a single player video poker game featuring the same characteristics as other casino games: fast game play, high payout and the use of wild cards. What’s new about this game is that it is chassis-less, giving it the look and feel of a computer game rather than a traditional video game.

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Joker Wild Video Poker

Joker Wild is available in 1, 5, 10, and 25 hand versions and features a second bonus game in which the player can gamble their winnings.

Game Theme & Graphics

  •   The game panel at the bottom of the game displays the available amount in the player account, as well as the amount bet and won. Buttons for the game settings menu, audio, and game rules are located to the left on the game panel.
  •   The display above the game panel to the right shows the available cash in coins and the current coin value.
  •   To the left the amount won and the total bet amount are displayed. Above this the number of coins per hand is displayed as the bet level.Gamble Feature
  •   The gamble game provides the player with a chance to double their winnings.
  •   The player can either guess the mystery card’s colour or suit. A correct suit guess will pay four times the amount and a correct colour guess will pay two times the amount.
  •   When the player makes a correct guess, they have the option to guess again on a new card (drawn from a new pack) or collect what they have won and return to the main game.
  •   The player can collect their wins at any time by clicking on collect (provided that they haven’t lost).Hold FeatureThis is an illustration of the Hold feature in Joker Wild. The cards themselves or the HOLD buttons can be clicked to hold a card, i.e. keep it in the next deal. The corresponding card is held in all hands and the word HELD is displayed over the card

Joker Wild is played with a 53-card deck, the regular 52-card deck plus a joker. Joker Wild follows conventional poker rules concerning how hands are formed, with one exception: A joker is a “wild” card, which means that it is counted as the most favourable card when used to complete a winning hand. For example the joker can be used to complete a straight or a flush, to improve a three of a kind to a four of a kind etc.

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