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Product Overview: After the success of our 20 line slot ‘Legend of Terra’, we are launching our second game with the ‘Terra’ internal brand. This time it’s a single scratch game with the great recognized characters from the slot game. The game uses a new and exciting engine: Match 3, 4 or 5 characters of 5 to win a prize. 3 wins a prize, 4 doubles it and 5 multiplies it by 10.

Target Audience: This game is based on the masculine fantasy/adventure theme of ‘Legend of Terra’ and therefore is targeted at our male players. However, the game will also be enjoyed by players of the ‘Terra’ slot of both sexes as they will recognize the design and characters. Moreover, the game offers a variety of state of the art 3D graphics that will be enjoyed by all of our players.

Game Description: The legend continues! The ogre, the knight, the dragon and the rest of your favorite characters from ‘Legend of Terra’ are back with the new scratch card, ‘Forces of Terra’. Simply scratch the 5 areas to reveal the characters. If you match 3 of them, you win a prize, but that’s not all! If you match 4, your prize will be doubled and if you match all 5 – your prize will be multiplied by 10!

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