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Product Overview: Horoscope is another one in our next generation branded series of scratch games. In this game players can select their astrological sign and play with one of 12 designs for the game. In the game itself players can play on 1-4 cards simultaneously, where the aim is to match 3 identical signs out of five per card. Furthermore, the player can see the daily horoscope for each sign and enjoy state of the art 3D graphics winning animations.

Target Audience: This game is intended for both males and females, and more specifically for Astrology fans and people who read their daily horoscope in the newspaper or online. Astrology is a very popular theme in many lotteries’ offline scratch cards such as FDJ, UK National Lottery etc and Horoscope fits perfectly into this category. The game also offers a variety of individual skins for the card – any player can select his own sign.

Game Description: Is today your lucky day? Simply select your lucky sign and start playing with a card designed especially for you. Match 3 of your sign symbols in a card and win up to 200,000£! Want more? Your personal daily forecast will be presented in the game and updated each day, so you can know what the stars hold for you…



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