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Slots & Games and CrazyScratch special promotions

To celebrate 100 great games across all brands, we are going to start a big celebration May 23rd.

100th Game Challenge (Starts the 23rd of May)

If players complete the challenge, they are guaranteed €100 in bonus cash for playing 100 great games!

This promotion runs for 4 weeks. Each week we show players 25 games and they can get €25 if they play them all*

The 25 games change on a weekly basis, for one month. Players that play the 100 games will be able to get €100

The Argos Raffle

Crazy Scratch and Slots & Games bring to you The Argos Raffle which is a UK-based campaign that is running from now until the end of May.  Every 2 weeks we’re going to run a raffle between our UK depositing players. Each deposit counts as one raffle ticket for the draw and every two weeks there will be 4 winners, each winning a £150 Argos voucher.


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