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The UK Lotto (formerly known as the UK National Lottery) has become known all around the world for consistently creating millionaires – in fact, over 3300 new millionaires to date thanks to jackpot wins, with that number growing on a monthly basis! It is also one of the few lotteries with a spotlight focus on community development and upliftment, with £35 million being generated weekly by the UK Lotto and earmarked for charitable donations. While the game may have initially only been available in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man, online lottery ticket purchasing portals such as has opened up the market considerably in terms of granting international players the opportunity to play for the UK Lotto millions as well.

With this lottery sporting a frequent jackpot-winning ratio (generally three, sometimes more, winners in a month), it should come as little surprise that this lottery has generated such widespread publicity and interest. As a direct result of so many winners claiming from the jackpot funds, the advertised lottery jackpot prize will very seldom go over the £10 million mark, although it has been known to dish out fabulously lucrative jackpot prizes – the highest jackpot won to date has been an incredible £42 million!

With PlayUK being the preferred online lottery ticket portal, you are spoiled for choice when choosing which lottery game you would like to participate in. That’s correct – the UK Lotto isn’t the only game catered to on this dynamic website! In addition to a selection of 13 premium lottery games which can be found all over the world, the website also has direct-translation websites in twelve different languages, making them a truly global service provider and a definite market leader in their specialised sector. With advanced encryption and security protocols in place, playing international lotteries and entrusting your personal information with a website has never been an easier decision to make. Combine this with the company’s 100% payout record, and success built solely on repeat business from satisfied clients, you can rest assured that playing an international lottery won’t give you grey hairs and unnecessary concerns; instead, allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement that winning an international jackpot brings!

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